Is there anything sweeter than a first date tremble? You know, the one that goes after you through the whole evening? I cannot imagine something better!

I went on many first dates; frankly speaking, most of them turned out to be a total disaster. Boys would often choose odd activities to surprise a girl (the one that invited me to a paleontology lecture was quite inventive, but, oh Lord, I did my best not to fall asleep), some of them would behave weirdly and artificially (yes, too many James Bond suits with sleazy teenagers inside of them). And one time, the guy invited me directly to his mother’s place to have dinner! I felt completely out of place.

Well, I am quite sure you know everything\something about first date etiquette. I have put them in order from the simplest to hardcore varieties. It does not mean that simple and common options are less effective, but if you meet the a really special man – you would need something unique to get him interested in you throughout the first date. Dive in!
Difficulty level: Easy

10. Evening coffee stroll. The simplest yet best idea ever. Most of the meetings spent in such a virtually plain way were successful and led to new phases of relationships. It is cheap, unobtrusive, fun, and trouble-free! First date coffee stroll means you meet near the park, grab a cappuccino-to-go and walk around talking while street lights are turning on! Magnificent, especially in September and May (the weather is perfectly mild in those periods). You can leave the meeting every moment you want; in fact, such dates rarely take more than two hours. The point is – you do not have to do something complex you get your partner amused. I will do my best to bust this idiotic myth. The first date aims to help you explore each other in order to understand if you are going to make a good match – and that’s it! Please, do not wear high heels if you want to make your stroll truly effortless for both of you!

9. Find a pond and feed the ducks. Seems like just a part of a normal date, but you will have to believe my experience – you do not have to complicate things to make a success out of them. Sometimes you just need to concentrate on a particular activity. Why did I choose to feed the ducks? Because this process is both relaxing and amusing. Likewise, believe it or not, but every human being will find something interesting to tell about while meditating over the pond. This activity can be a beginning of a date, too. Just make the best out of it.

8. Fly a kite. Once again – simple, entertaining, cheap, and meditative. As well, flying a kite is a rather time-consuming activity and, therefore, you will have enough time to talk. Take a kite to the beach or a local park for an afternoon spent with your heads in the clouds. First, work together to get the kite up, and then brush hands as you pass the handle back and forth. This doing is also great because it reminds us of childhood – the brightest part of our life. Remembering youth is always soothing. You should better choose a windy day to catch a nice airstream, or else you will have to deal with terrible awkwardness.
(Note: I did not include such options as going to the cinema or having a dinner. You might be surprised but I have a great explanation. A dinner itself is a great date idea – but it does not always work for the first meeting as you have a table that separates you and distracts your developing contact. Going to the cinema is not the best choice because you would have no actual time to learn each other. These activities can become a part of your first date but will not work as a solo artist)
Difficulty level: Medium

7. Take a cooking class together. In fact, all medium-level activities will have one thing in common – they all will demand a certain talent. For example, a cooking class takes some special skills to be impressive (remember – you do not make a good impression – you become impressive, which is a huge difference). Check your local community college or continuing education program for listings of cooking classes you can take if there isn’t a culinary school to be found. In the end, cooking is always fun. Just do not overdo your endeavors, or they will become visible.

6. Take a boat ride. Let’s get back to park amusements. Why don’t you get a cute little boat for two and glide around a lake? Take turns mastering the oars, and try not to capsize your tiny craft. It is both relaxing and risky, which works perfectly for a first date entertainment. As well, you can recreate the scene in a boat from The Little Mermaid – pretty sure most of us loved this movie when were younger. Just be careful and check out if the evening is going to be warm. It is always colder when you are near the water surface. Do not forget a bottle of light wine!

5. Workout together. Yes, this is a perfect way to demonstrate how fit you are. Moreover, no one minds you talking about something during the workout. Not many women would want a get sweaty and disheveled with a guy they do not know very well. But exercising together could be a great opportunity to get to know each other. I would rather recommend choosing something simple like jogging or yoga classes. Inviting someone on a heavy lifting session is a bizarre idea, but who knows – maybe your partner will love it.

4. Going to a museum or a science exhibition. Do not be surprised that I assume this is medium-level leisure. A classic art museum may not be for everyone. Frankly speaking, I rarely met a heterosexual guy who was eager to speak about art for hours. If you take someone to a place that can support an interesting yet thought-provoking dialogue, you need to be at least a bit educated. Exploring a technology exhibition without understanding what is going on around you is nothing like a date.

3. Arcade. I recently went to an arcade for my friend’s birthday, and I realized just how ridiculously fun games were. Challenge your date to beat your score at Pac-Man, or take him on at Dance Dance Revolution. Again – this activity reminds your date and you of childhood, which is always relaxing. If you get bored of one game, the arcade has many others to offer. While you play, you can ask your date about literally anything – video games incline everyone to become open and sincere. Your date will be both entertaining and helpful for developing your further relationships.
(Note: if you are going to use any of medium- or hard-level options – make sure your date is aware of your ideas. Some of them involve special preparations)
Difficulty level: Hard

2. Go-karts. I knew you would not expect that! Yes, I have been to a perfect date where we raced around in a small car with a guy! I have my driving license and have been driving since I was 18. However, nothing compares to ride tremendously fast and bump into literally everything. You can ride together or in separate cars. You can challenge for the title of the fastest or the most skilled driver. A lot of fun, no matter what how old you are.

1. Extreme sports and activities. Here we are, near the most hardcore first date activity. I have only been there once. A friend of mine, knowing I am a certified scuba diver, invited me to explore the sea depths. I realized it had been a date only afterward. Nonetheless, I believe that scuba diving, extreme hiking, overnight mountain trip, rafting, and other things can connect people much better than anything in the world. Both of them just have to be ready for such an occasion. There are not too many people in the world who would find it entertaining and comfortable, but if you find your beloved freak – I will be exceedingly happy for you. And, wow – you hike? This is quite a surprising fact!

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