Relationships are made up of defining moments, both big and small. Some love stories hit you over the head with their obvious clues about the future — he can’t wait to introduce you to his family; he’s planning future weekend getaways — but other times, it’s the way you react (or don’t react) to a situation that tells him as clearly as a flashing neon sign that you’re his true love and that he can’t live without you.

If you’re single and looking for love, chances are you’ve heard the buzz around online dating. It’s without a doubt the most popular new way to meet new people, and across the country more and more happy couples are being formed on relationship sites.

But what exactly is it that sets online dating apart from traditional dating methods? Here’s a look at five of the perks the experience has to offer.

1. Convenient

One of the best cards online dating has to play is its sheer convenience. In our busy modern lives few of us have an abundance of spare time.

As winter sets in and the days get shorter and colder, the idea of getting home from work and getting dressed for a blind date becomes less and less appealing.

For single parents who juggle the demands of caring for little ones, the idea of sitting in bars late at night seems like little more than a distant memory. While for young professionals spending hours on the daily commute, finding the time to go on a dinner date can be nigh on impossible.

Whatever your situation, it’s easy to find excuses to avoid looking for love. Online dating is an easy and convenient alternative that lets you discover compatible singles, without disrupting your other priorities. You can check your matches in your lunch break, start an ice-breaker while cooking dinner and respond to your inbox message before you go to bed. It’s easy, fun and there’s no need to let life get in the way of finding love.

2. Affordable

In today’s tough economic times few of us have the money to be out wining and dining every night. Students, in particular, can struggle to scrape together funds for a gourmet meal, often to discover they didn’t share that much in common any way. There are plenty of excellent online dating sites that are free or offer free stages, meaning you can get to know people without spending a cent.

3. Effective

One of the biggest frustrations about looking for love is that it sometimes feels like little more than a guessing game. After all, what are the chances you’ll stumble across someone who shares your interests and values in a crowded bar?

Hollywood tells us that finding love is a matter of fate, but online dating relationships are about using science to increase the odds of meeting your ideal match.

With a relationship site people are matched with like-minded singles who share their interests and values. This is called compatibility matching and it’s based on a scientific process that pairs people together based on their core values and attitudes. This means no more guessing games.

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